DIY Survivalist and Prepping

About Me

I am a medically retired police officer who served 14 years before I retired. While serving as a police officer, I served in many capacities from Field Training Officer, Department Training Officer, Auto Theft Task Force, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer, General Instructor and Trainer. 

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Emergency Management and a Master's Degree in Disaster Preparedness and currently work in an Emergency Management function for a non-profit here in Phoenix. I first became interested in Prepping and survivalist techniques after working on several large scale disasters with the Government, and I saw first hand just how slow they are to respond, and how long it truly takes to get services afterwards. 

This coupled with the fact I am a single father of two sons, I wanted to start prepping just in case. I started looking at the costs of things I saw online or in stores for "preppers" and I knew there was a way to do things a lot cheaper and more effectively, and so I have made it my mission to try and develop a complete fully customizable preparedness products for individuals and families that would cost less than $300 dollars to purchase and could be customized for less than $500 total cost. It is still a work in progress. 

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you!