DIY Survivalist and Prepping

This website was created to help others start their prepping or those who are prepping on a budget. As a former Police Officer and a formal educational background in Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness, I have always been a little frustrated by the fact that people think they cannot start prepping because of the costs and space associated with it. 

I designed this website for several reasons, which are to show others they need to "Prep for their situation" meaning there individual or family dynamic and not prep the way others say they need to. I was tired of seeing food kits which cost $300-$500 for a family of four or more, If you do not care about the types of foods you are eating, then why spend the money.  Lastly, I would always get frustrated when I walked into stores and would see the items being marketed to "preppers." These items are not items I would use, and I changed my mindset and now see things from a standpoint of how can I use this for my prepping/outdoors/survivalist endeavors. 

I am hoping to pass this information along to all of you as well learn from everyone here as well, because that is what this is all about, is learning from each other. These topics and more will be discussed on this site and in the blog section. Please visit us as often as you like and watch for new content.,